We started Pilates by the Green in the late 90’s, and moved to our present location in Hampstead Garden Suburb in 2006.

We like to think of the studio as a little enclave in the suburb. Our aim is to be as welcoming and friendly as possible. It’s important to us that, initially, you don’t feel intimidated by all the equipment and principles of Pilates. Then, as you continue with Pilates, to feel part of the studio, to feel valued, and importantly to see that you are progressing.

Pilates is about precision, but it is also about movement. Our aim is to get you moving: quickly, safely and with control.


We’ve never subscribed to handing out programmes, preferring to teach rather than watch! The benefit to you is that in this way you have an instructor constantly fine-tuning your movements so that you progress at the right level, and you also get a different workout every time you come!

In 2015 we opened a second studio, Raise the Barre, offering floor-based group classes such as barre, adult ballet, zumba. Conveniently located directly across the road.

In 2022 we bought Karen Smith Pilates in Muswell Hill. It’s one of the oldest traditional studios in London, and with some extra love and attention we hope it will become the busy, experienced hub it used to be prior to the pandemic. We have rebranded it to Muswell Hill Pilates


It is possible to talk and exercise at the same time!

I’m occasionally in charge…but then Suneeta comes in and we all have to behave!



I love coming to the studio and chatting with our clients, before the serious work begins. Tarun likes to think he is the boss, but everyone knows…



We have a very strong reputation locally. Something we cherish and work hard to maintain. Our good work is mostly down to the quality of teachers we have.

A good team can be put together with some small effort and time. However a great team, like ours, takes a lot of work, patience and confidence in each others ability. We have here the golden combination of

  1. Highly experienced teachers
  2. Long-serving teachers
  3. Teachers focussed on Continual Development

We know each other well and with this familiarity comes stability and consistency. Most of the team have been teaching for over 10 years and several for much longer. Have a look at our bios to get a feel for who we are.



  • Over half our clients have been with us for 5 years or more
  • More than 20% have been with us for 10 years or more

Numbers are fun but underlying these numbers is an important pattern – that we are extremely good at looking after you and keeping you happy. If you come to us we will endeavour to make your body better, and for you to enjoy the practise of Pilates.




If you want to join Group Classes but haven’t done much or any Pilates before, then initially, you will complete an introductory course of five one-to-one lessons. These are private sessions which are very important to ensure we get the correct balance of exercises suited to your body. If you have experience then a single assessment lesson may suffice.

This introductory course allows us to:

  •  Go through an initial consultation
  •  Evaluate your posture
  •  Explain the principles of Pilates
  •  Identify which exercises will benefit your body (and which will not)
  •  Familiarise you with the equipment
  •  Ensure that you exercise safely and within your own limits

Once completed you should be ready to progress to group classes. Classes are held in very small groups (maximum of five) to ensure we really get to know you and maintain a high level of supervision. Classes are a mixture of mat work (which can be practised at home) and specialised Pilates equipment.