I have been teaching Pilates since 1999 and qualified at the renowned Body Control Pilates Association when it was still in its infancy. This is my second studio, and was opened in 2006. Previously I had a studio in a large physiotherapy clinic, where I gained most of my experience in rehabilitation and remedial work. I trained in Classical Ballet in my early 20’s, and have always been interested in fitness and movement. After University, I moved to London and worked as an aerobics teacher and personal trainer. I wanted to find a form of exercise that would benefit all bodies and involve more focussed body movement, and so, I found Pilates. I live in Muswell Hill with my husband and 3 daughters


I was a serious martial artist for many years; sparring competitively, teaching in my free time and involved with my National Association. However, I have suffered back pain for as long as I can remember and sustained a serious back injury in 1998. Pilates got me back into training, and though it was the exact opposite of what I thought exercise should be, I saw the benefit of the discipline of controlled and intelligent movements. Pilates allowed me 10 more years of high impact martial arts that I feared were gone forever. It is this experience of being able to continue what I loved most that drives the way I teach pilates. My passion is to get people better and to get them to do activities they think are beyond them. It’s far more rewarding than the sales job I had in the City.


I turned to Pilates to balance my original career in Finance. Understanding the challenges of looking after your body whilst also leading a hectic and demanding lifestyle. I decided to train with J Pilates and am qualified to teach mat, reformer, all Pilates studio equipment, as well as pre and post-natal.


I am passionate about helping you along your own journey, making you feel the best you possibly can. I believe that movement is key in maintaining mobility and flexibility as we grow older.


My classes aim to make Pilates accessible, relevant and most importantly – fun!  Helping you to work hard to gain more.





I have been exercising all my life. As a child I did ballet, contemporary dance and jazz dance.


When I became an adult I started going to the gym. I also did some yoga classes but later on, when I first tried Pilates I truly fell in love. I began to feel hip pain after I had my child and I knew Pilates was the answer to my problem. After only several classes my hip pain was long gone. This made me realise that Pilates was the right thing for me and I knew that I had a passion for it straight away. From then I decided to study Pilates and become a professional Pilates teacher.


For me, Pilates is a journey, teaching me the possibilities and wonders of the beautiful human body. I take in my clients problems and worries and I do everything I can to teach them the true potential of their bodies.


I originally trained as a professional dancer. Injury led me to pilates and rehabilitation.

I qualified as a pilates teacher in 1999, and as a physiotherapist in 2008.

I’m particularly keen on  pre and post-operation rehabilitation exercises for neck, shoulder and hip. And since having my son four years ago, I teach pre and post natal exercises with a more thorough insight and understanding.

If I had known about Pilates in my younger years, I would probably still be dancing but injury led me to a wonderful career in rehabilitation and a life-learning creative and stimulating path into highs and lows of biomechanics of our wonderful physical body.


I started learning Pilates at this studio in 2006 after being told to stop all high impact sport due to multiple sites of arthritis: knees, neck and hands. Pilates was a saviour and it was an easy decision to train to be a teacher when the opportunity arose in 2010. I apprenticed at this studio and qualified at Body Control Pilates in London with honours.

I have always been keen on health and fitness and was once an Olympic squad gymnast, so I understand the pressures the body can be put under. Pilates is a way to make beneficial changes to your life without having to cut out anything that you enjoy.

I strive to teach our clients how to re-align their body and strengthen their core without having to think about it, making it fun, so that it becomes a natural process within their everyday life. I hope that Pilates can help you as much as it helped me.


I came to Pilates in 1997 as I had sustained a back injury. Over a period of 6 months a physio ‘fixed’ me using pilates techniques. Apart from the fact that I was very grateful to be pain free again this experience also taught me the power of Pilates to help people recover from injury and I also gained an invaluable insight into how to teach other people.


I have been teaching Pilates since 2005, often working alongside physiotherapists and other health professionals. I also studied Pilates in the USA over a period of two years where I gained a Masters in Pilates from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado – the “Harvard of the Pilates World”.


I am a Graduate of the Yoga Academy. I studied yoga with Simon Low, co-founder of Triyoga and founder of the Yoga Academy, one of the world’s leading yoga teacher training schools and study centres. I continue to study with Simon and am currently completing my RYT500 hours (500 hours of continuing professional development for the Yoga Alliance, UK and USA).


I believe that what you learn and achieve on the mat can help you in your everyday life.


I have been teaching Pilates for over twenty years but was first introduced to it whilst studying at a performing arts college in London, where I took classes with Alan Herdman to improve my strength and flexibility as a young dancer.


I left dance college and worked as a professional dancer travelling around Europe and Japan until my late twenties. In 1997, I retired from dance and started my teacher training at ‘Pilates International Centre’. I
continued working here for a few years before moving on to work and train further at ‘Belsize Studio’.


I also work in a primary school where I draw on my knowledge of Pilates helping children with special educational needs refine their fine and gross motor skills.


I’m a qualified Pilates Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist of 22 years and have been teaching Pilates mat classes since 2006, working with clients of all ages, fitness levels & abilities. My approach treats the body’s movement holistically, and focuses on building strength and mobility.

I have an interest in current research in movement and biomechanics in general and specifically strength and conditioning.

I’m also a keen climber, and lover of TRX training.


I am passionate about the benefits that pilates provides and I strive to make my classes obtainable and fun for all. I aim to teach clients how to improve their body awareness focusing on strength and mobility.


I am currently studying Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy and I plan to incorporate my new knowledge into my classes.


I also have a strong love for travel, I lived in Malaysia for 2 years as a child and have traveled as much as possible. I have also recently discovered my love for running and I aim to run a half marathon in the near future .


I have always led an active life, involving many different sports and outdoor activities.  In 1997 I tried Pilates and was amazed by the benefits:  improved quality and ease of movement, increased flexibility, greater strength and fewer injuries.  I was hooked and have continued regular Pilates ever since.  I believe that Pilates has counteracted the effects of a high-pressure, largely sedentary job as a barrister and been the main factor enabling me to continue my active lifestyle.  I promised myself that one day I would train as a teacher so I could help others to benefit from Pilates and eventually did so in 2016, qualifying with Body Control Pilates.  I subsequently left the Bar to concentrate on Pilates and now teach both matwork and reformer Pilates.  In addition, I am a Feldenkrais ‘awareness through movement’ teacher which I believe brings a valuable extra dimension to my Pilates teaching.  My passion is to help people to fully inhabit their bodies and to enjoy the many benefits that flow from this.